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I'm Tara!

Thanks for checking out my corner of the internet where I offer support to both new and experienced crochet designers.

As a fellow crochet designer, I understand the highs and lows you face as you work through this creative process. It is extremely exciting to see your pattern being loved by makers but it doesn’t come easy. Let me help you get through the fine details of writing, formatting, and tech editing your pattern so you can put your efforts into your next great idea!

Where it all began...

I started crochet designing on a whim. My friend and I were discussing ways we might be able to bring in some money while we stayed at home with our young children. I showed her a few crochet patterns that I had purchased on Etsy and that is when the idea hit us! We were already avid crocheters ourselves, so we joined forces and started designing that same night. A few short days later my friend came over and presented her very first crochet design. Well, that was fun! But now what?

Then began the hard work of putting all the little scribbles in her notebook all together so that it was coherent and could be easily understood by the maker. Although we were both fairly experienced with crochet patterns, the task seemed daunting and it was a struggle over the years to get it right. We started off with simple documents, but then soon found that we wanted to look more professional and cohesive in our overall “look” so we began revamping all our patterns.

Fast forward many years…I have now discovered tech editing and understand how it can give my customers confidence in my patterns and in turn grow my business. So here I am, revamping my patterns again, this time getting them all professionally tech edited by a fellow tech editor and giving them a fresh new look before re-releasing them back into the crochet community. Sigh! 

So, as you can imagine, I have been through every emotion you have likely experienced as a crochet designer. I want you to learn from my mistakes and let me help you get it right the first time so you can be proud of each and every pattern you publish and you don’t feel like you have to “re-do” anything down the line. There is no time for that! There is crocheting to be done

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